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social and cultural activities at the farm...

Pizza Night

Grandma Rita, Manuele, Laura and Manuele's mother Sara usually make pizza for the guests once or twice a week. Rita makes the dough and everyone else helps: the final outcome is delicious (and usually free) pizza of all varieties: Margherita, Onion, Rosemary, Sage and Mozzarella. It is not your typical pizza; it is authentic, rustic pizza from Umbria!

Lots of times, we make roasted potatoes from the garden to accompany the pizza. (summer only)


Pancake and Farm-Fresh Eggs Saturday

On Saturday mornings we prepare hot-off-the-grill pancakes and fried eggs for breakfast! Enjoy a taste of home!


We light the grill and all of the guests are free to cook whatever they please (or if you prefer, Manuele is a grill-master and can do it for you), from meat, to fish, to vegetables! It's so pleasant being able to relax around the fire with beer or wine and hear the crackling of the wood in the bbq pit while the smell of bbq wafts through the air... You get the drift! (winter excluded)

Smores Night

Our volunteers help us with the fire behind the farmhouse and we provide the marshmallows, biscuits and chocolate. Though I have to say that traditional smores ingredients are difficult to find in Italy- so, we usually make our own version, almost always involving nutella. In any case, it's a fun little activity and a delicious treat.

You could roast anything you want over the fire too if you'd like to have a late dinner. We've had some guests roast sausages or hot dogs in the past!

The Scenic Walk/Bike ride to Boneggio

Boneggio is a nearby village in the hills overlooking the Farmhouse. While there is absolutely nothing to do upon arriving, the important part of the trip is the journey- to get there, you will pass beautiful fields, some sheep, a little creek and when you arrive at the top the view is just gorgeous.

You can see the Farmhouse from a special point of view. IT's about a 45 minute walk, not strenous at all. It would be a good idea to stop at either Cantina Goretti or Mariotti Deli (or both!) on your way there or back.

...and nearby THE FARM

Wine Tasting at the Cantina Goretti

This cantina is famous for its local wine and, as the Signora Goretti will tell you when you go, the wines have won many national awards for the level of quality with respect to price. However, the one product (apart from the wine, obviously) that our guests usually fall in love with is the Balsamic vinegar; it's truly a unique purchase and makes the perfect gift to bring back home.

A tasting accompanied by some snacks and a tour of the facilities is 10 euro per person. The cantina itself is located on a hill with a really nice view where you can sit and relax and even open your bottle of wine if you absolutely can't wait to have a taste before getting back to the Farmhouse.

Beer tasting with fresh products from the Pig Farm

This farm is located right across from Cantina Goretti. They specialize in fresh deli-meats produced on site, as they have a pig-farm, and they also sell delicious regional cheeses. We are a big fan of the these products (Manuele cheese only, as he's vegetarian), but what we like most about the shop is the fantastic beer that they sell. It is all produced on site and is yummy.

For 10 euro, you can have an aperitivo of deli-meats and cheeses, bread, and do a beer tasting of 4 different types of beer. (Normally the shop asks for a minimum of 4 people). Sometimes the owner, Graziella, even offers cake, bread with fresh homemade jam, or fruit at the end of the tasting. The shop also offers other regional delicacies like pasta, rice, jams, etc.

The Perugina Chocolate Factory

5 minutes by bus from the Farmhouse lies the world-famous Perugia Chocolage Factory. For just 5 euros, you can tour inside the factory, see how the chocolate is made and packaged, visit the museum and see the enormous bacio, sample some chocolate and visit the gift-shop. It's a perfect way to spend your morning before heading the the historic center of Perugia!

Sagras, Food Festivals

From May to October, there are food festivals (Sagras) almost every night in the nearby old and medioeval villages. One of them is even within walking distance, the Sagra degli Gnocchi.

At these festivals, you can enjoy a cheap, authentic dinner prepared by the local ladies of the respective village while listening to traditional Italian folk music and/or some rock concerts made by local cover bands, one of them is Liga+ our favorite! It's a very local experience that you will not have access to while staying in the historic center of Perugia.

Indoor Rock Climbing Package

We are now offering a new activity perfect for active travellers or for a rainy day...: head to the local indoor rock climbing gym for a fun work-out and reward yourself afterwards with a delicious Italian aperitivo at a chic nearby bar... all for 13 euro per person (min 2)

Guest Reviews

The place is absolutely breathtaking, and the farmhouse is really homey and unique. It is unlike any other agriturismo I have stayed in. The staff were pretty cool, and Manuele and his girlfriend Laura were so helpful and nice, they even took us to the local cherry festival. Thanks guys! . Definitely stay here for a one of a kind experience.
Emma from New Zeland

Staff were super friendly, gave me heaps of ideas on what to do during the day and also took me out at night. absolute champs!!! Beds were so comfortable, own kitchen facilities with some food and drink included! Located in beautiful countryside and really easy to catch a bus into the city centre. Best bed and breakfast i have stayed in so far, really feels like your living in Perugia rather than just being a tourist there!
Sarah from Australia

Perugia Backpacker was exactly what we were looking for! It's a quiet escape from the big cities and is still to town. There is great public transport into the town and back which is 20mins by bus. There's heaps to do in Perugia and around the farm you can walk through lovely countryside to a winery nearby or visit the local chocolate factory. The staff are great! So friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is really relaxed and you can do whatever you please! 
Janet from Australia

The Farmhouse Hostel was incredible! Not only it is a working farm, with all types of animals (Horses, sheep, ponies, goats, chickens, donkey, bunnies, and cats), it is an ideal location to take a breather from the hectic big Italian city travel. We enjoyed the amazing eggs for breakfast, fresh from the chickens (you've never had such good eggs in your life!) and wine from the vineyard. Manuele was very welcoming, and Grandma Rita and Grandpa Ben were a wonderfully authentic Italian couple that wanted to share their world with us and learn about ours! That included mostly using our very limited Italian and teaching Grandma some English. :) This was absolutely the best hostel we have EVER been in!
Melissa from USA


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