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the GARLIC FARM AND THE organic garden

Perugia Farmhouse - No.1 Backpacker Hostel B&B in Perugia

Though it is quite small, we are extremely proud of our garden that we strive to tend to all year round. In summer time, we are able to enjoy fresh potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, garlic, zucchini, canteloupe, and watermelon.

Frequently, we offer some of these fruits and vegetables to our guests when we have barbecues or make pizza outside!

Grandma Rita and Grandpa Bruno predominanly keep the garden in working order and our normally assisted during spring and summer by our seasonal volunteers. Everything is grown naturally and without any pesticides or chemicals. In fact, we only grow at a small-scale level, never for profit.

It is more than enough for us just to know that we are eating produce that is delicious and fresh and yet has not been tainted by industrial methods. Around the farm, we also grow rosemary, thyme, mint, sage, and oregano Just ask if you'd like to use some for your own cooking!

Guest Reviews

The place is absolutely breathtaking, and the farmhouse is really homey and unique. It is unlike any other agriturismo I have stayed in. The staff were pretty cool, and Manuele and his girlfriend Laura were so helpful and nice, they even took us to the local cherry festival. Thanks guys! . Definitely stay here for a one of a kind experience.
Emma from New Zeland

Staff were super friendly, gave me heaps of ideas on what to do during the day and also took me out at night. absolute champs!!! Beds were so comfortable, own kitchen facilities with some food and drink included! Located in beautiful countryside and really easy to catch a bus into the city centre. Best bed and breakfast i have stayed in so far, really feels like your living in Perugia rather than just being a tourist there!
Sarah from Australia

Perugia Backpacker was exactly what we were looking for! It's a quiet escape from the big cities and is still to town. There is great public transport into the town and back which is 20mins by bus. There's heaps to do in Perugia and around the farm you can walk through lovely countryside to a winery nearby or visit the local chocolate factory. The staff are great! So friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is really relaxed and you can do whatever you please! 
Janet from Australia

The Farmhouse Hostel was incredible! Not only it is a working farm, with all types of animals (Horses, sheep, ponies, goats, chickens, donkey, bunnies, and cats), it is an ideal location to take a breather from the hectic big Italian city travel. We enjoyed the amazing eggs for breakfast, fresh from the chickens (you've never had such good eggs in your life!) and wine from the vineyard. Manuele was very welcoming, and Grandma Rita and Grandpa Ben were a wonderfully authentic Italian couple that wanted to share their world with us and learn about ours! That included mostly using our very limited Italian and teaching Grandma some English. :) This was absolutely the best hostel we have EVER been in!
Melissa from USA


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