Recreational activities


The panoramic walk in Boneggio. A nearby town on the hills overlooking the Agriturismo. Even though there is absolutely nothing to do upon arrival, the important part of the trip is the journey: to get there, you will pass beautiful fields, some sheep, a small stream and when you get to the top the view is simply wonderful.

You can see the Farmhouse from a special point of view. It’s about a 45 minute walk, not strenuous at all. It would be a good idea to stop at Cantina Goretti or Mariotti Food Farm (or both!) on the way out or on the way back.


Wine Tasting at the Cantina Goretti

This winery is famous for its local wine and, as Mrs. Goretti will tell you when you go, the wines have won numerous national awards for quality versus price. However, one product (apart from wine, obviously) that our guests usually fall in love with is balsamic vinegar; it truly is a unique purchase and is the perfect gift to take home.

A tasting accompanied by some appetizers and a tour of the facilities can easily be booked. The winery itself is located on a hill with a really beautiful view where you can sit and relax and even open your own bottle of wine if you can’t wait to taste it before returning to the Farmhouse.

Beer tasting with fresh products from the Pig Farm

This farm is located right in front of the Goretti Winery. They specialize in fresh cured meats produced on site, as they have a pig farm, and also sell delicious regional cheeses. We are a big fan of these products but what we love most about the shop is the amazing beer they sell. It’s all produced on site and it’s delicious.

By booking, you can have an aperitif of cured meats and cheeses, bread and have a tasting of the different types of beer. (Normally the shop requires a minimum of 4 people). Sometimes the owner, Graziella, also offers cakes, bread with fresh homemade jams or fruit at the end of the tasting. The shop also sells other regional delicacies such as pasta, rice, jams, etc.

The Perugina Chocolate Factory

5 minutes by bus from the Farmhouse lies the world-famous Perugia Chocolage Factory. For just 5 euros, you can tour inside the factory, see how the chocolate is made and packaged, visit the museum and see the enormous bacio, sample some chocolate and visit the gift-shop. It’s a perfect way to spend your morning before heading the the historic center of Perugia!

Sagras, Food Festivals

From May to October, gastronomic festivals (Sagras) are held almost every evening in the nearby ancient and medieval villages. One of these is also within walking distance, the Gnocchi Festival.

At these festivals, you can enjoy a cheap and authentic dinner prepared by the local ladies of the respective village while listening to traditional Italian folk music and/or some rock concerts performed by local cover bands. It’s a very local experience that you won’t have access to when staying in the historic center of Perugia.

Horse ride

Horseback riding with Mr. Adriano at his San Biagio riding school, 10 minutes away by car. Experience even for beginners. You can see the surroundings of Perugia passing through the vineyards, the grove with wild cherry trees, while you can listen to Mr. Adriano talk about the area.